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Imitation Crab Dip

Submitted by: | Source: Taste of Home

Imitation Crab Dip
2012-01-17 Other

This is a really easy crab dip recipe that can be made quickly and served right away...


1 pkg, 8 Oz., cream cheese, softened
1 jar Cocktail Sauce
Chopped Imitation Crab, usually found in the refrigerated or frozen section at the grocery store
Shredded Cheese, cheddar or colby


Spread the cream cheese on a platter.

Dump cocktail sauce on top of cream cheese. (You may not wish to use the whole bottle...just enough to cover.)

Sprinkle the crab over the sauce and top it off with the cheese.

Helpful Tips:

Feel free to use canned crab and add minced onion, if desired.