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Kicking Potato Salad Roast Beef Roll Ups

Submitted by: | website: A Merry Recipe

Kicking Potato Salad Roast Beef Roll Ups
2011-02-01 Appetizer
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The perfect Super Bowl finger food--slices of roast beef stuffed with horseradish and creamy potato salad.

  • Servings: 48 appetizers


4 cups Prepared Potato Salad
4 Tbsp Creamy Horseradish or, to taste
½ cup Chopped Red Bell Pepper
½ cup Chopped Green Onions
½ cup Chopped Celery
2 Tbsp Chopped Parsley
16 slices Deli Roast Beef
Additional Creamy Horseradish, for garnish


Mix potato salad, horseradish, red pepper, green onions, celery and parsley in a medium bowl. If potato salad already includes red pepper, green onions, celery or parsley, omit as desired. Lay roast beef slices on work surface. Place 1/4 cup potato salad lengthwise down the center of each slice of roast beef, and roll tightly. Cut each roll into 1 inch bite sized pieces. Dollop with 1/2 teaspoon creamy horseradish on top of each roll up and secure with a party pick.

Helpful Tips:

This recipe was created when I needed a last minute appetizer, and had lots of potato salad and sliced roast beef in the refrigerator. Some quick creative thinking, and voila a delicious and simple appetizer was created. The addition of horseradish to the potato salad gave such a kick, and received lots of compliments. And of course, roast beef and horseradish go great together. I think the little roast beef roll ups look like footballs making this the perfect Super Bowl appetizer.