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Napa Valley Fig & Goat Cheese Wontons

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Napa Valley Fig and Goat Cheese Wontons
2010-01-19 Appetizer
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Try this elegant appetizer the next time you entertain--figs, crabmeat and goat cheese all wrapped up in a crisp wonton skin.

  • Servings: 50


6 Fresh California Mission Figs, minced
4 Fresh Basil Sprigs
1 cup Vegetable or Olive Oil, for frying
2 Tbsp Soy Sauce
½ cup Minced Crabmeat
½ cup Local Goat Cheese With Sun-dried Tomatoes
4 Black Garlic Cloves, minced
12/ tsp Red Pepper Flakes
1 pkg Wonton Skins



Mince figs and basil then mix with remaining ingredients, except wonton skins and oil.


Place 1/2 tsp of filling in the middle of each skin. Pick up one corner and fold it to the diagonal corner. Pick up the two ends that have a 45 degree angle, the ones where the fold is, and wet them with a dab of water on fingertips. Pinch the two corners together. Prepare all wontons before frying, so not to manage both hot oil and getting wontons folded. Heat oil in a frying pan, or wok, at medium heat. To test when oil is hot enough, stick a wooden chop stick in the oil. When the oil is ready, bubbles will come from the chop stick. Fry wontons until golden brown, watching heat carefully. Keep turning wontons to cook all the way through. To make sure center is done, break one or two open.

Helpful Tips:

Look for black garlic and wonton skins at an Asian food store.