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Sweet & Sour Chicken Wings

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Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings
2009-02-17 Appetizer
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A classic appetizer made simple when you bake these wings in your oven with a simple sauce straight from the grocery aisle.

  • Servings: 10-12


1× 5 lb bag Frozen Chicken Wings or Drummettes
1× 18 oz bottle Barbecue Sauce
1× 12 oz bottle Sweet & Sour Sauce
Hot Sauce, optional


Arrange frozen uncooked chicken wings in large baking pan and bake 1 hour in a 350 degree oven. In a large bowl, mix bottle of barbecue sauce and sweet and sour sauce together. If you want a little heat, add a few drops of hot sauce. Once chicken wings have cooked, and had a few minutes to cool, dip each wings into sauce mixture, then place onto a foil-lined cookie sheet in a single layer. Place cookie sheet under a broiler, for just a few minutes, to crisp the skin. Be careful not to burn them.

Helpful Tips:

This recipe is very easy to make and is finger licking good. I like to buy pre-cut chicken wing drummettes, which don't have the wing tip, but you can cut your whole chicken wings into pieces if you have time. If you can't find sweet and sour sauce, you can use any type of duck sauce in it's place.